Ferrari Challenge Homestead

The Ferrari Challenge is a beautiful thing. This past weekend was the first round of the 2009 Trofeo Pirelli at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The Ferrari Challenge is much more than a weekend of racing; it is a way of life. Each event consists of an entire weekend filled with Ferrari fun whether as a driver competing in the F430 Challenge, an owner looking to get some track time in their daily driver or even someone who just enjoys being around these gorgeous high-performance machines.

The Ferrari Challenge combines go karts for rich people, a Ferrari car show and so much more.  It is a gentleman’s racing series, focusing more on amiable competition than full contact racing. Ferrari says that “drivers are expected to be competitors rather than combatants, and to place the spirit of fair and safe competition ahead of finishing position.” The drivers of the F430 Challenge cars are not professional racers, but privateers with excess disposable income. The F430 Challenge cars utilize the same 490 HP V8 found in the street car, but are upgraded with a number of track-oriented modifications that focus on driver safety.

Aside from the race there were a host of street driven Ferrari’s both new and old. There were quite a few F430 Scuderias, but I never expected to see an F430 Scuderia Spider 16M, one of only 499, the vehicle celebrates Ferrari’s 16th Formula 1 constructor’s championship. The most extreme Ferrari on display was the even more rare F50 (one of only 349) with its wild curves; however I was more partial to the squared off turbocharged F40’s. Quite possibly the most beautiful thing that I saw all day was a classic yellow Ferrari Dino, just seeing the 8000 RPM red line on the tachometer made me wish I had a driver’s license in the late 1960’s.

The only thing that I could ask for from the Ferrari Challenge is that hopefully next year we will see the 599XX in action.


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