What happens when a car company is facing stiff competition from its largest rival; with a performance minded executive at the helm, a brilliant engineer manning the wrenches and an all new Trans American road racing series to showcase what they are capable of?

Well, if the year is 1969 and we are talking about the Ford Motor Company; you get the Boss 302 Mustang, and if you’re Parnelli Jones, one year later you get a championship.  The Boss Mustang was performance minded engineer Larry Shinoda’s baby, and he made sure that his ponies would be running ahead of the field.  The blue oval brand’s dream machine was a hybrid consisting of a free flowing power plant designed to go racing, a chassis that was beefed up in all the right places and a subtle yet wild appearance package that let any Camaro owner know that this was no mere Mustang.

Fast forward to 2010, and Ford is at it again.  This time the Boss is sporting 21st century technologies like fuel injection, anti lock brakes and airbags.  However; aside from the standard features you might also find on a Flex, the new 302 comes with some go fast goodies like forged internals, some aggressive cams and launch control.  All from factory, and if the standard version isn’t hot enough for you, Ford also sells an even more hard core version named after the famed Laguna Seca circuit in Monterey, CA.  The extra cost of the razor sharp pony car comes in the form of track tuned items like even stickier PZero tires, a front splitter that would make a Cup car crew chief look twice and an X-brace in place of the rear bench; so you won’t ever have to worry about back seat drivers.

If you are just looking to relive your more wreckless days, then the new 302 will provide you with more than enough in the way of highly controllable tail wagging excitement; but if you are a weekend warrior looking to shave off tenths from your track time, then the Laguna Seca is definately for you.  Bunkie Knudsen and Larry Shinoda should be damn proud.

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