The Subaru BR-Z Concept, the best thing at the LA Auto Show

While the Scion FR-S Concept was enough to whet the appetite of the automotive enthusiast community, it was a joyous occasion to see the Toyobaru show its true colors; a healthy combination of World Rally Blue bodywork, carbon fiber go fast goodies and a set of, in my opinion, off color offset STi rollers.

The BR-Z is still a concept, but after the transparent teaser earlier this year, you can rest assured that the “BR” will be pretty true to form.  As the show piece sits right now, with 225s up front and 255 mm wide rubber stretched across the rear, the mismatched look may be stance friendly, but not so much when it comes to rotating your tires; and you can be assured that those back gum balls will need to swapped sooner than later with the ever growing popularity of the sideways craze called drifting.  Opening the door for an all new era of Scooby enthusiasts who sadly missed out on Sir Colin and ol’ Burnsy, just to name two that made the marque so great, but might just come to know the Pleadis logo for the epic battles with say, its sister car on the Formula D Circuit, with someone like 2011 Formula Drift Champion Daijiro Yoshihara behind the wheel.

Don’t worry rally fans, as the WRC has come to favor smaller displacements and B segment cars, the group from Fuji Heavy Industries is always keeping an out for the future.  And in that future the wheels on the BR-Z should be gold, Dai agrees, now’s not the time to be conservative Subaru.

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