Written Work

World Championship Drifter:
Interview with professional drifter Rhys Millen at the first ever Formula D competition in Palm Beach, Florida.
Published June 2011
Text and photos by Terence Keon

Nissan Leaf Prototype test drive:
Taking a behind the scenes look at the first ever all electric mass production vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, kind of.
Published February 2010
Text and photos by Terence Keon

Nissan 370Z Review:
New car review of the Japanese automaker Nissan’s latest addition to the legendary Z car family.
Published May 2009
Text and photos by Terence Keon

Lexus LS 460 Review:
New car review of the luxurious Lexus LS with supplementary video.
Published March 2009
Text and video by Terence Keon

Partying with Aston Martin:
Rubbing elbows with high society at Aston Martin’s private party for the carbon fiber clad drop top DBS Volante for a few select clientele in Miami.
Published June 2009
Text and photos by Terence Keon

Rides & Smiles Event:
Every year the members of the Southern Automotive Media Association get together at the Homested Motor Speedway, and with the help of a few kind manufacturers, offer patients of the Baptist Children’s hospital a chance to be kids.
Published December 2009
Text and photos by Terence Keon


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